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The X Files The X Files: Return
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Mulder & Deep Throat emerge from a building, Deep Throat says "It's awfully quiet, Mr. Mulder" while there is a terrific amount of noise in the background. [E.B.E.]

Mulder in car says to Scully, "Scully, you're not one of the more sexually spontaneous people I know."

Mulder and Scully dancing in the rain. [The Pilot]

Mulder talks to store owner, who says, "They usually shop down there at the feed store," just as a buggy with horses drives by. Mulder says, "You're clairvoyant!" [Genderbender]

Scully flubs lines and laughs. [Deep Throat]

Villain Mark Sheppard sings very loudly. [Fire]

Guy in red "monster" costume struggles to walk through woods. The strange outfit was used to create the 'clear distortion' of the alien moving around. [Fallen Angel]

Mark Sheppard sings again. [Fire]

Mulder: "This guy's a walking aphrodisiac, he's the ultimate nookie magnet, he is Spanish fly incarnate!" [Genderbender]

Red monster guy walks some more, accompanied by silly music. [Fallen Angel]

Scully and Mulder drive up in car, Scully gets out and looks at two guys who are totally burned up on the ground and says, "They're done!" Crew breaks up. [Fallen Angel]

Scene in rain, Scully struggles with her lines, finally when she finishes the crew cheers. [The Pilot]

Mulder flubs lines.

Mulder talks to guy wearing wig who pulls it off. [Miracle Man]

Mulder, Scully and third guy share a laugh. [Roland]

Scully flubs lines.

Man says, "It's a hell of a case, Mulder, I wouldn't mind being in your shoes." Mulder: "...or my pants."

Mulder shows Tooms getting into a van: "I have a Norwegian elkhound, I use him to hunt moose ... for my hair." [Tooms]

Same scene, Mulder says: "Where can I get a jump suit like that?"

Scully to Mulder: "Have you ever had any dealings with a cow?" Mulder: "Just exactly what are you implying, Agent Scully?" (crew breaks up)

Scenes of guys flying across room and out the window.

Mulder, Scully suppress laughter, finally they can't hold it any more.

Several scenes where Mulder is called "crazy".

Mulder and Scully in car, Mulder starts driving, there's the sound of a cat being squished. Both of them break up.

Various "serious" scenes.

Mulder calls Scully, she seems to fall into a hole.

Scene in elevator, Scully seems to give Mulder a blowjob (she unzips his fly with her teeth), followed by Mulder zipping up his pants. [Ghost in the Machine]

Serious scene. [Tooms]

Bug scenes. [Darkness Falls]

Mulder, Scully laugh.

Monster in an XF hat says, "Harry, you're a !!!!in' genius."

Mulder: "We !!!!ed up."

More bug scenes. [Darkness Falls]

Scully runs yelling at the camera, then suddenly breaks up. [Fire]

Scully yells "Weird" at camera.

Mark Sheppard asks for a cigarette. [Fire]

Titles for the blooper show run very fast.

Titles run again much slower with various music and commentary behind. Mostly gory scenes from the show.

Mulder to Scully: "Kiss me."

Gillian Anderson makes cross eyes and sticks her tongue out.

Scenes where Mulder is called "Fox, Fox", then "Denise" (shot of DD from Twin Peaks), another shot of DD seemingly nude with a tea pot in a strategic location.

Scully flubs lines.

Scully to Mulder: "If this is monkey pee, you're on your own." Mulder: "It's an acquired taste." (Erlenmeyer Flask)

Scully enters women's bathroom, Mulder removes "women's" sign, enters. [Erlenmeyer Flask]

Chris Carter is labeled "The Master of Yuppie Morbidity."

Scene of surfer (ostensibly Chris Carter) mooning the camera.

20th Century Fox logo ... the film deteriorates. This is followed by a 'see you next year', and then a shot of DD as Dennis/Denise waving a bouquet.