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The Reservoir follows an unexceptional man in an exceptional time. We see our present-day pandemic world and New York City through the eyes of a former Wall Street veteran, Ridley, as he, in his enforced quarantined solitude, looks back upon his life. He examines his wins, his failures, the gnawing questions - his career, his divorce, his estranged daughter - and questions what it all means and who he really was.

Release date: 2022 (USA)
Written by: David Duchovny
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Press about the book
A lonely ex-financier stuck in his apartment during the Covid-19 pandemic becomes obsessed with the Central Park Reservoir and slowly goes mad.
New York Times Book Review
[Duchovny’s] novella The Reservoir, set in New York City, probes how pandemic isolation has changed us.
The Boston Globe
A new, pandemic-inspired, Rear Window–esque thriller.
Village Voice
Evocative, chilly prose that wouldn’t be out of place in a late Don DeLillo novel. Like his previous novels Bucky F*cking Dent and Miss Subways, it’s a love letter to Duchovny’s native New York. But it’s also a smart story about obsession. A slim, compelling tale of a man on the brink.
Kirkus Reviews